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Bre Gipson is an Oakland-based artist who uses common and discarded materials as a means to physically reform the landscape. She received her BA from University of California Berkeley in 2012 and her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2016. She has exhibited in art spaces including Pataphysical Society in Portland, the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, and the University of Alberta in Canada.


I am inspired by nature’s wondrous and phenomenal occurrences. I create sculptures and installations that examine the overlap of imaginary space and the natural world. Through my work, I aim to recreate a place I have been before, in my travels through dreamscapes and weekend getaways to parallel universes. Influenced by the blurry the lines between history, myth, science fiction and innovation, my works explores the transformation of space and materials.

My work is an investigation of texture, color, and form. I play with strategies that create environments that both immerse and transport the viewer, triggering an experience of discovery, awe and wonder. Mystified by the possibilities of what may or may not exist, I am interested in exploring the unknown and exploiting our changing beliefs of what is real. Constructed creatures and landscapes reflect the potentials of what could be and I create things yet to be discovered.