Vessel Art Show On Faliure + Licking your wounds, dusting off and getting back up


I remember my first big art show. I just reached out and got it.. Talk about what that meant. I had a talk and met other artist that led to so many other oppurtunites. I didn’t have a studio at the time so I lugged my massive scultpures up the stairs and showed loni. It is crazy to think of how far Iv;e come since then and how now I will be having a solo show there. Just by reaching out.

Mandala + Finding your tribe

Forets adventures at Joquin Miller Park. Meditative drawing with foods + color. Mirage Project. Love for rainbow foods. Insert Mandala history here: Food as art material. Collaboration with my yogini Mandy at Eternal Sandbox brings new idea I a m lucky  to have creative friends that share my aesthic an inspirations. Plus hanging out in the forest is always fun.

Teaching Artist Resicdency @ Pro Arts

I was granted a two year teaching residecny at Pro Arts during that time I was thrown to the wovlves ( well wolf cubs) and learned…..

Teaching art really encourages you to rethink your process and focus on the joys and process of making art versus outcome, how to deal with failure and redefine your criteria of sucess.

*Make art day


*Youth Fellows

*My show at Pro Arts


Some of my fav projects to try:





Puerto Rico a tropical alternate space

Black sand beach we took a hot bumpy fair ride and got off in this tiny island town, had to caravan then walk but it was worth every bit of black sand. Lizards even though we had to stoway home before just making it back on the ferry before having to stay overnight on this jungle island.

*Colorful San Juan Bike Ride

*Alternate universe America

*real life Jungle Rainforest

*drove around and road tripped


Fro me PR was like an alternate version so close to home yet tropical and latan and colorful af.When I returned home just like returning from anny voayage it took me a while to adjust I kept looking for the magic that I found there. It encouraged me to brainstorm ways I could bring tose feeling of another world home. Upon returning home I decided to revisit and unfinshed project NUNATURE placing my little pretties in the world eluding to another rea.lity that coexists.

Packing up and Moving to LA

*Abandoned Zoo I have such a love for forgotten spaces they look like a future past post apocalytic.

*Musuem of Jurassic Technology

Future visits


Packing up and moving to LA in my Volvo station wagon was crazy. Especially being out there jobless, friendless with an abundance of time. Everyday I just woke up and set out on a different adventure. I met agroup of friends got a library caed and spent time reading in my hot West Hollywood sublet and tried toviist every instagram crush I could manage.




The LA trip 3 day mural

Kenny latimore

Artist talk and having an art show in a city where know ones watching

Wander + Berlin Study abroad work/live somewhere else

I had never been to Europe and didn’t believe it was true up until two days after landing. I studied Art History there an it was truley transformative. There was street art everywhere and it was a completley different culture. Wher eI live we are big on greetings and at least a hi there when you pass each other in the street but tha culture did not hold true there. It was an adjustment for sure. We were there for the Biennele. Dreseden castle


Places to see:

*Abandoned Airport

*Urban Spree

*Urban Nation

Wander + New York finally after 30 years going somewhere I've always wanted to go

It had always been my dream to live in New York. I remember while in college in a job interview being asked about my future plans and telling my future boss how I want to move to LA and live in New York and travel the world” and how I was met with a disapproving look for m=being frivilous  “ That’s a hell of a lot of dreams, you better get started like yesterday.” There has been plently of occasions when my dreams and goals seemed so out of reach that people openly expressed this to me. Well I did pack up and to LA and although I didn’t move to New York I made sure to visit and will return. Sometimes our goals are big really big but that doesn’t mean give up on em and over time they may shift. After LA I realized as beautiful and artastic and sunny a city as it is, it wasn’t home for me. And when I finally got the perfect opportunity to travel to NY I kinda knew that wasn’t home either, at least not right now. But NY was beautifully everything I dreamed it up to be. Yea it was hot and everything was a super far subway ride away and I had to share a bed in a tiny apartment but I didn’t care. I loved every minute of it, even the New York rats, I sat on my stoop one dnight and watched them scurry eat trash for hours. I gobbled up every gallery and experience I could but that subway is no joke. NY definetly has a creative energy and a sense of wild hustle.


Amazing things to see:

*Samsung Experience

*California Academy of Sciences

*Kalan & Tinu

*Train Station

*Dollar Store Gallery