Artist Talk @ StartUp Fair San Francisco + Getting past your jitters, tips for Talks and Public Speaking

Art Conversation: Currents in the Bay Area Creative Community

Join Soliel Summer, Gallery Manager at Betti Ono Gallery, Emma Spertus, Founder of Real Time & Space, Artist and Educator, Bre Gipson, and Harriet Pozansky, Artist, Writer, and Director of the Workroom Artist Program, as they discuss what brought each panelist to the Bay Area and the reasons its creative community has still a strong hold, despite increase in rents, artists' displacement and socio-political unrest. The conversation will also include example of artistic projects that are relevant and responsive to, perhaps even optimistic about the changing tenants of the Bay Area art landscape.

What brought you into this field and to the Bay Area specifically?

What sustains your day to day working both creatively and strategically from an administrative side? 
How are you fulfilled and inspired by the creative activity happening in the Bay Area?

What projects are you working on that you are most excited about? Or others projects that have allowed you to remain optimistic despite the current shifting and uncertain environment?
How do you create relevant and responsive projects in a shifting environment? Be specific. 

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Include dates info description. I spoke about career building as an artist, needing team and collaboration. See if video exists revisit questions and talk about nervous speaking feelings how to prepare for a speech.

Here's a few tips to help:

  • Speak Naturally
  • Practice outloud
  • Write it out and think of key points
  • Breathe and smile, don't fidgit and bring some water, if you need to pause it comese in handy.
  • Speak slowler than usual. When we speak in front of a crowd we have a tendency to want to speed through but slow, projected speach makes us appear more confident and knowledgable. 
  • Fake it til you make it. Yea it's a nervous making situation but act like your not.