Life's Messy and so am I

I have tried for so long to be more… neat. I am a bit of a messy person. My car’s always a little dusty, i’m constantly spilling food bits on my clothes. For so long I wanted d to be more like my superorganized cousin family or friends who always seem to know just where everything is at all times. You see my brain doesn’t think linear. I don’t think in sequence, one thing following the next my thoughts expanded out in all directions , circling back around to each other.

I had to understand that if I wanted to be successful I had to understand that the systems that work for some don’t work for all and that my path to success may not look like the traditional route. I had to learn to embrace the mess and to find my own patterns and methods of organization within it.

My work, art practice is a reflection of this. Just like the organized chaos reflected in nature. Patches of plants that grow haphazardly and kyet there’s rules , sunlight moisture requirements, mess i create similarly I set up rules and costraints while leaving roomfor variables and experimentation. It is the surprise in the outcome in which the magic is created and the perameters I set that allow for me to have control, just like i control life.