Puerto Rico a tropical alternate space

Black sand beach we took a hot bumpy fair ride and got off in this tiny island town, had to caravan then walk but it was worth every bit of black sand. Lizards even though we had to stoway home before just making it back on the ferry before having to stay overnight on this jungle island.

*Colorful San Juan Bike Ride

*Alternate universe America

*real life Jungle Rainforest

*drove around and road tripped


Fro me PR was like an alternate version so close to home yet tropical and latan and colorful af.When I returned home just like returning from anny voayage it took me a while to adjust I kept looking for the magic that I found there. It encouraged me to brainstorm ways I could bring tose feeling of another world home. Upon returning home I decided to revisit and unfinshed project NUNATURE placing my little pretties in the world eluding to another rea.lity that coexists.

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