Wander + Santa Cruz and Monterey backyard beauty and ocean inspiration

For my birthday we took a roadtrip down the coast spending the first half of the trip in Santa Cruz and the Second half in Monterey Beach. We stayed in a nincredible Airbnb and that night we walked to the sea. WE sat on the rocks and listened to the waves spash. We rode the ferris wheel over looking the ocean. I am all about activities that take us back to that childlike sense of wonder. Road tripping to Monterey we stopped at fruit stand and this time stayed in a lush cooshy hotel . When I graduated my only request was to spend one night in a hotel toom. Finally got to breath explored the beach the aquarium so inspired by the sea life, I thought the shark pools were touch pools.. I mean hey they were in the adjacent room and after touching everything I missed the signage. Close one. Soaking it all up and staring out into the vastness of the unknown makes me think of the possibility of the unknown.


Recharge + Reignite with a trip up the coast:


For my Birthday, my boyfriend and I took a trip down the coast to Monterey and Santa Cruz. Places that I always wanted to spend more time as an adult aside from the boardwalk. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb. It had an alice and wonderland table and vhs collection. All the right mix of vintage and modern. Built in studio space.  The trip provided me with a much need break that helped me to realize how long it actually been since I had a real vacation. Sure, I had traveled, in the last year I took at least 9-10 trips, but they weren’t what I really considered a vation. The time I needed to recharge and gain inspiration was both surprising and valuable . Last year after finishing up grad school and moving permantenlty back to the Bay Area. new realtionship, new home, all of those changes for sure created some challenges and block for me to create new work. For awhile I took it hard and despite all of the positve change that was occuring in my life I couldn’t help but to feel unfifulled by my lack of creating work. But what I had to come to realize was that this time away from my work only reignited the fire. During the course of this whirlwind of life happening I was actually researching, collecting  a catelog of ispiration, and taking time to reflect even if that just looked like browsing other artists on istagram.

What I was really doing was pausing and taking a break after what had been an extremely stressful and burnout year of work and art and grad school. Our trip down the coast not only let me step outside the routine but also get back in touch with the inital spark of why and how to make work again inside of this new life. Viewing the nature and coastsky ocaen, colors textures that so inspire me to make work.Now I returned fresh and ready.