Wander + Tahoe backyard beauties and finding inspiration in the strangest places


Being back after a now after a camping excusion in tahoe last weekend now is a bit challenging. After the much needed two weeks straight of camping getaways city life is a bit of a challenege. I can’t say what it does for inspirtaion to get a way like that. Before I was feeling very stuck creativively. They say that it somethimes takes a ful year after grad school to get things back on track and for me that definitly held true. Creativity comes in waves, there are moments when I feel overwhelemed with too many ideas than I have time for and this furious desire to make. Then there are times when nothing is great and everything sucks and I can’t even look at my sketchbook. This past year definetly had more of those moments than overly creative ones. These two weekends in a row of dissconnecting from the outside world helped me to reconnect with the reasons I want to make art in the first place.

Tahoe was incredible it being a only about a 4-5 hour drive from the bay it is crazy to think that I had never  visited without snow. Once we arrrived things slowwed. We took an extra long time setting up and decorating our camp homebase. We found a hidden cove on the beach, hiked up into the mountains where we were able to see the view of the entire lake and at night we ventured off into the city casinos.