Wander + Yosemite Disconnecting to Reinvigorate

I’m back after a weekend camping escape to Yosemite. I can’t believe I had never been before. We spent time exploring, setting up our campsite, cooking. Our phones didn’t work out there and I have to admit it felt completely freeing to be disconnected from the world, even if just for a little bit. A funny thing happens in a world with no phones, internets or instagram to distract. You are forced to sit in the quiet and explore new places in your imagination. You have to better observe and explore your surroundings and find analog ways to entertain. The quiet gave me so much time to think and soak up the colors and textures of Yosemite. TIme seems to slow down. Time travel.


I spent the majority of the drive sketching patterns and textures. On the way up my partner had to take a business calls for a majority of the trip so there were no background tunes or car convo to entertain. I just spent the hours sketching and gazing out the window. The quiet let me soak it all in and really pay attention to the nuiences and variations of color, the moss, mint and seafoam green. What could have seemed endless and daunting became meditative and other worldly. Despite wanting to endlessly explore I made time to sit with my sketchbooj. I believe that being immersed in different atmospheres can bring about new idea and impulses. I love how my work can be shifted and inspired by the visual language around me. Add locations to see>