Particular Relativity: As the Universe, So the Soul is less a themed exhibition of artists’ work than it as a constellation of different Black vernacular practices and the different materials used to express both identity and experience. It is an age and non-linear time-informed articulation of dreams and gender and embodiment that, like the heavenly zodiac belt, is familiar and seems fixed, but is actually unfixed and relative depended on your particular position and location—the location, here, is the bounded space within the gallery walls but the finite space nevertheless contains unbounded variation. This starry pattern links moody indictments of capital and currencies, ethereal destination-less portals through time and space and dealings in richly textured Black earth magic, flirtations with the grotesque and profane, and the sacred geometries of the female form. 

Statement | I have been thinking a lot about the changing landscape around me; both of city space and personal transformation. I think about how to hold on to those magical moments that we experience: the warm feeling of a complement, a night that just wasn’t long enough, or that brief break from work where you got to breathe and take your shoes off for just a moment. How can we hold on to something that’s ever-changing? And what would it look like to walk into a space that’s frozen? This exhibition explores the overlap of those concepts. It invites the viewer to step inside a space where one may feel both other and at home. I invite the viewer to sit within the space and reflect on what triggers them and investigate how their feelings shift throughout. A Familiar Other is an immersive environment that highlights duality; dream vs tangible, man-made vs nature and intimacy vs other.

A Familiar Other is an immersive installation consisting of sculpture, large scale wall paintings, abstract drawings, a seating area and video.